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Future GREAT Wizards of Waverly Place Episodes!

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Maximan - October 19th
"The kids fail at their group magic project, so Jerry devises a plan that will force them to work together. Now Alex must wrestle with sacrificing her first one-on-one date with Dean so that she and Justin can help Max's superhero "Maximan" solve the crime and prove to Jerry that the siblings can work as a team."

“A Wizard Outing“

Alex tries to avoid running into Harper at the annual Comic-Con type convention in order to protect her wizard secret but winds up revealing the truth after Harper takes a spin in Alex’s power laden Battle Diva costume. Meanwhile, Justin and Max work alongside Hugh Normous and the Emergency Wizards to make sure other wizards don’t perform any real magic.

“Taxi Dance“

When Cab number 804 is retired, Alex charms it back to life in order for she and her family to continue to cherish the memory that she was born in it. But when the Cab decides to remain by Alex’s side at all times, she admits the truth to Jerry and together they convince the Cab to go back to work and service others. Meanwhile, Justin seeks out his actual birthplace and Max pretends to be Cab 804’s driver when Alex and Harper go on the town.

“Baby Cupid“

Jerry and Theresa’s anniversary plans are ruined over a fight about magic which prompts Alex to summon Cupid. When Jerry reminds her that magic started the fight, Alex tries to hide Cupid from her mom by claiming that he’s a life like doll from her Marriage and Family class. Cupid’s return gets delayed after Max accidentally breaks his bow and his arrow then strikes Justin which prompts him to fall for Harper!

“Plan B“

When Mr. Stuffleby, a wizard guidance counselor, informs the kids that they must have a viable profession to fall back on in the event that they don’t become wizards, Max chooses to become a street magician while Alex and Justin decide to form a band. They all test their skills by hosting a “Waverly After Dark” performance at the Sub Station.

“Future Harper“

When the Russo kids discover that their lives are being exposed in the form of novels written by popular author H.J. Darling, they travel through the Inter-Wizard People Porter to confront her and learn that Ms. Darling is Harper from the future. Justin must then work to ensure that Alex remains friends with Harper to preserve the outcome of their futures.

“Fairy Tale“

Alex gets the lead as Tinkerbell in the school’s production of Peter Pan but doesn’t want the part. So when she enlists the help of a real fairy to sub in and play the part, it causes the production to get out of control and the play is not necessarily performed in the same way as the traditional Peter Pan fairytale!

Future Dates COMING!

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