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The Jonas Brothers: Declare Yourself!

Two of the age-eligible Jonas Brothers, Kevin and Joe, recently registered to vote thanks to newlywed Ellen DeGeneres and Declare Yourself.

The 50-year-old talk show host finds this election to be hugely important and she’s committed to a partnership with Declare Yourself during the month of September, where they’ll be registering people at show tapings.

On the day they taped the fall premiere, Kevin, 20, and Joe, 19, were two of the first voter registrants. Ellen will make the official announcement on her show tomorrow, so tune in!

To find out how you can register yourself, visit DeclareYourself.com.

Jonas-declare jonas-brothers-declare-yourself-01
Jonas-declare jonas-brothers-declare-yourself-02
Jonas-declare jonas-brothers-declare-yourself-03
Jonas-declare jonas-brothers-declare-yourself-04

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