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The Wizards Go Back Home to New York!

Selena Gomez and the cast of Wizards of Waverly Place promote their hit Disney Channel show at the World of Disney store in New York City on Saturday.

The 16-year-old Disney sensation was accompanied by costars David DeLuise, Jennifer Stone, Jake T. Austin and David Henrie.

Selena-world selena-gomez-world-of-disney-01
Selena-world selena-gomez-world-of-disney-02
Selena-world selena-gomez-world-of-disney-03
Selena-world selena-gomez-world-of-disney-04
Selena-world selena-gomez-world-of-disney-05
Selena-world selena-gomez-world-of-disney-06
Selena-world selena-gomez-world-of-disney-07
Selena-world selena-gomez-world-of-disney-08
Selena-world selena-gomez-world-of-disney-09
Selena-world selena-gomez-world-of-disney-10
Selena-world selena-gomez-world-of-disney-11
Selena-world selena-gomez-world-of-disney-12
Selena-world selena-gomez-world-of-disney-13
Selena-world selena-gomez-world-of-disney-14
Selena-world selena-gomez-world-of-disney-15
Selena-world selena-gomez-world-of-disney-16
Selena-world selena-gomez-world-of-disney-17
Selena-world selena-gomez-world-of-disney-18
Selena-world selena-gomez-world-of-disney-19
Selena-world selena-gomez-world-of-disney-20
Selena-world selena-gomez-world-of-disney-21
Selena-world selena-gomez-world-of-disney-22
Selena-world selena-gomez-world-of-disney-23
Selena-world selena-gomez-world-of-disney-24
Selena-world selena-gomez-world-of-disney-25

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